there is a little bit of circus in everyone!

Spooktacular Halloweeen Circus Show 2014

Elevation Aerial and Circus Arts Spooktacular Halloween Show. I wish I could say lions and tigers and bears but actually, witches  cats and superman,,, Pictures by Johann.

Our Circus Show Performances,,,,,,

Circus Outside Summer Tour 2014

Elevation Aerial and Circus Arts did two outdoor performance's on our mini local circus tour this summer. We did the Melrose Farmers Market and The Middleton Flint Library. Thank you to Johann for taking pictures, John for helping with rigging and all our students and parents for all there generous help in various ways to help make this a successful show run. 

Circus Camp Show 2015

Elevation Aerial and Circus Arts Circus Camp Show. We Performed to our favorite popular music as we learned everything in the circus, we learned and practices so much that we got to perform a lot of circus skills in the show! Check us out!

Winter  Wonderland 2013

What does Mother Ginger, The Grinch, Holiday Elfs and a Ballarina have in common? Our Winter Wonderland Circus Show!!! Each of our students decorated a bulb for our Christmas tree set!

Thank you to Johann Hepner for Photography


Our 2016 outdoor Circus Show recital. Theme is Circus At the Beach! We had silks to climb, trapeze to dangle from,we did acro all together and used pool noodles for clowning and juggled beach balls!


Spring Superhero Circus Show 2015

Elevation Aerial and Circus Arts  Superhero Circus Show. We flew we tumbled and we saved the city from falling down!