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More Info: 617-312-6335

Classes Held at:

GymStreet USA 

1 Jewel Drive

Wilmington, MA 01887

Time to think about back to Circus School..
9 Week session Sept 8th-Nov. 9th
Monday's start Sept. 11th
Thursday's start Sept. 14th
No holidays affect our schedule
Makeup day is Tuesday Nov. 7th

-Circus Stars (ages 5-17) 4:45-5:45PM
-Kids Silks (ages 8-17) 5:45-6:45PM
-Adult Silks L1/2 (ages 18+) 6:45-7:45PM
-Adult Silks L2/3 (ages 18+) 7:45-8:45PM

-Circus Stars (ages 5-17) 4:45-5:45PM
-Kids or Adult Silks (ages 8-17) L1/2 5:45-6:45PM
-Trapeze/Lyra 6:45-7:45PM
-Act Creation 7:45-8:45PM

Registration is now open and is on a first call first server basis, call Gym Street USA to register 978-694-9678
If you have questions about classes or If it is your first time signing up for classes at Elevation please call Miss Gina the instructor at 617-312-6335.

there is a little bit of circus in everyone!

The Benefits of Aerial Classes

  • Develop upper body strength.

  • The apparatus supports part of your body weight so you can stretch deeper.

  • Work more of the body at once because weight is distributed throughout multipleworking points.

  • Develop a stronger core by expanding the possibilities of positions in 3-D space.

  • Improve balance through use of the apparatus that can move anywhere in space.

  • Experience the empowerment of being able to lift your own body weight in new poses.

  • Improve your muscle stamina for any physical activity.

  • Increase your body and mind coordination.

  • Perform neat tricks in mid-air and work out in a completely new, unique way.

Class Descriptions:

*Circus stars: Ages 5-17 -Circus stars are featured in our end of year circus recital show and sometimes other performance opportunities. They get performance experience and the  most stage time out of all students. Kids classes are designed for fun and give kids a chance to try a bunch of different circus arts in one class, with a mix of balance equipment (stilts, tight wire), manipulation (juggling, hula hoops, circus Partner acrobatics & clowning skills). And Some aerial on Static Trapeze and Silks.

*Kids Aerial Classes Ages 8-17 - kids aerial apparatus class. We will work on Aerial skills\tricks, conditioning, stretching & techniques on the Aerial apparatus's such as Silks, trapeze or Lyra depending on which one  you take.

*All Aerial Classes (Silks, Trapeze,  Lyra/Aerial Hoop,  Rope) adult 18+ aerial class. Techniques on Aerial Silks and Trapeze will be taught. This class will cover proper strengthening and stretching techniques on and off the apparatus. Fun ways to climb, flip, spin, drop and pose will be taught in proper progression. 

*Kids Classes sessions will end with an in studio showing \ end of year we do a Circus Show for friends and family to see the fun circus skills you learned!​

Act Creation Class - instructor approval, All ages, this class is to work on a solo or duo performance piece on the ground or in the air for our circus show! requirements are you must be enrolled in at least one other class per week or take a weekly private lesson. For any elevation student Kids or Adult.


What is Aerial Silk? Aerial Silk is an

apparatus that has two pieces of material hung from the ceiling, that is used in the Circus to perform on. It's made of a very strong yet

soft silk material.

What is a Trapeze? A 1 inch thick round

metal bar about 22 inches long hung by

two ropes.

What is a Lyra? A 1 inch thick round

metal bar welded together into an aerial hoop.

What will I learn in class?

You will learn how to strengthen and stretch

your body to do aerial arts. You will learn

how to dance in the air and perform aerial acrobatic tricks on the trapeze and silk

apparatus. This includes climbing, inverting, sliding, holding and more advanced levels

include roll downs and saltos. Conditioning exercises will be given.

What should I wear to class?

Clothing that is breathable and allows your

torso, hips, knee and arm pits to be mobile

and covered. Also do not eat anything 1 hour prior to class.

Women: Leotard, fitness shirt with fitness

or yoga pants that are tapered at the ankle. 

For Aerial Silks Classes a shirt option that covers your armpits. 

Men: Fitness shirt or t-shirt that can be

tucked in fitness pants or yoga pants that are tapered to your ankle. For more advanced

levels a dance belt.