there is a little bit of circus in everyone!

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Circus Birthday Party at your Home or Venue

All of the above is available except the items marked gym only. Some items need a wide open space call to inquire all situation's are specific. 

Workshops and Private Lessons

We are available for workshops at other schools, dance studios and theater companies for kids or adults. As well as private lessons, email

Circus Birthday Party At the gym

Circus Birthday Parties are held at Gym Street USA 1 Jewel Drive, Wilmington, MA. 

We do a  1 1/2 hour Circus class depending on how many kids are attending. Class will start with a warm up and proceed to two items selected followed by a special happy birthday, or in the circus we usually pie you in the face on your birthday, this is optional. Then another 30 minutes in the party room for cake!

Options are pic two of the following: 

Aerial Silks (Gym only)

Aerial Trapeze (Gym only)

Partner Acrobatics 


Dance Jazz, Broadway or Ballet

Juggling Scarfs, Balls & Spinning Plates

Tight Wire (Gym Only)

Stilts & Rolla Bolla

Hula Hoops & Poi Spinning

Open Gym \ Face Painting

Open Gym \ Glitter Tattoos

Circus Birthday Parties